Universal Basic Income – Solution or Devil in disguise?

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The have’s and have nots have never been so far apart. It seems our recent Global crisis has pushed forward the idea of a Universal Basic Income and to some it has huge merit and is even being prayed and hoped for but is it the solution or is it another idea drenched in the desire to control, pushed forward … Read More

The hidden danger in the reward

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If you are interested in true freedom then it is really helpful to be able to see and release the true nature of some of the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits that we have day to day. We have all been encouraged to work hard and get the reward but what is really behind that energy? Are we really doing … Read More

Trap #3 – “There is only one way”

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Trap # 3 – “There is only one way”. I could be accused of writing long blogs. I would argue that is because I am really passionate about what I am writing about and the transformative effect it could have on your life, haha to the arguing part. With that in mind and in an attempt to be really true … Read More