The hidden danger in the reward

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If you are interested in true freedom then it is really helpful to be able to see and release the true nature of some of the thoughts, feelings, behaviours and habits that we have day to day. We have all been encouraged to work hard and get the reward but what is really behind that energy? Are we really doing things unconditionally or is their something more consequential hiding in the energy of where we are coming from?


One Comment on “The hidden danger in the reward”

  1. Love this thought. My life pursuit has been freedom, i knew this but lived relatively unconscious whilst trying to break free from invisible restraints. Now conscious and by most accounts considered free, i live mindfully and strive to live unconditionally, in my relationships. Not always easy but certainly my focus. Freedom for me is being without conditions yet living honestly and without intentionally causing harm or hurt on anyone. Freedom is knowing myself and believing in myself. I feel free in my spirit but i will never stop striving for it, as i dont choose to allow the silent workings of my sometimes undetectable ego to obstruct the flow of my true essence, which is the energy of love.

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