2 Comments on “Turning Point – Pete Evans with Trevor Hendy – Power of decision”

  1. I Think to many people are afraid of making their own decisions, to many influences from around them….., starting as a kid….never aloud to do your own things….then in marriage men and woman not treated as an individual…..
    So many people don’t want to tell others that they do their best to go Paleo….to many will tell you….oh its bad this or that…and why can’t you have that piece of cake today…..lucky I have not this problems….when I go astray from my diet it is my ( bad) decision…..going back on it , its my decision….because its my health whats playing up again…
    And maybe I will fall of the wagon again in the future…but also know that I’ll be back again.
    If I want to focus for 100%….then I need to set my mind big time on it.

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