Along with being a highly sought after Keynote Speaker, Trevor is also widely regarded for his ability to bring a group of individuals together around a common purpose. He has a knack for creating just the right environment for, sometimes long running, creative differences and problems to be resolved once and for all.

Team Bulding

All of his programs are designed specifically for each group with environment, conference agenda, objectives and individuals capabilities in mind. He takes great pride in creating an outcome that exceeds the expectations of those employing him for the task. He has a long track record with many testimonials and success stories based on on-going positive life change and results being prompted by one of Trevor’s programs.

Conflict Resolution and Succession Planning

As a Professional Counselor and with much experience in guiding individuals to greater heights, Trevor has an uncanny knack for being able to workout the subtle or stubborn differences that often develop in a team of high powered individuals. He guides each team through the awareness changes required to reach a combined vision and action plan for the groups on-going corporate or organisational mission.

Corporate Games and Activities

One of Trevor’s other heartfelt projects has seen him join with old mates, Karla Gilbert, Phil Clayton and David Simons to create Element X, aiming to bring the magic out for individuals, corporate groups and teams. With an emphasis on games and activity, the Element X program has become a fun, successful and impactful part of many corporate conferences and retreats.

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