Universal Basic Income – Solution or Devil in disguise?

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The have’s and have nots have never been so far apart. It seems our recent Global crisis has pushed forward the idea of a Universal Basic Income and to some it has huge merit and is even being prayed and hoped for but is it the solution or is it another idea drenched in the desire to control, pushed forward by the same people that have benefited from and contributed to the problem in the first place? is it the devil in disguise? if so, what can we do to stop being a co-creator of the problem and start being a contributor to a true solution?


2 Comments on “Universal Basic Income – Solution or Devil in disguise?”

  1. Wow Trevor,
    What an epic educational experience.🙏
    Your words rung so true with me.
    A connected collective of like minded woke people using their minds as one mastermind,
    Is a powerful force that can help steer humanity forward in a the right direction.

    So rad
    Keep them coming champ👍

  2. I saw you last night on ‘Save the children’ (what would love do now) Zoom call.
    Thank you for your beautiful wisdom which really spoke to me.- Usumataq…
    Look forward to learning more
    In Gratitude 🕉

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