Trevor conducts an array of personal (one on one) and small groups sessions. He has a passion for helping people create positive change in their life and conducts all sessions with a focus on creating a change of awareness through either deep personal connection and conversation or fun and activity. All sessions are designed with the individual in mind and always have an objective. It might be to finally break through a fear, step out and have some fun whilst getting active or dig a little deeper and find out what is holding you back. You can register for any enquiries, we will contact you to discuss and book in if you are ready to go. Gift Certificates are available. Click HERE to book.

One on One Life Coaching/Mentoring

Trevor will sit with you to discuss and wade through any life issues that you feel are holding you back. Whilst often all that is needed is a clear decision and a bit of action, there are those moments in life when you just feel so weighed down or effected by a situation that a clear decision seems like a pipe dream. Or even the debilitating thought that you will have to lose something or someone important to you in order to move forward. Whatever it is, Trevor will help you find your own answers and move forward with clarity and certainty.

Life has a much bigger purpose hovering behind it. Once you are in touch with that, previously difficult tasks are like a breeze and enjoying life moment by moment becomes a priority, a possibility, a thrill. Whatever you do in life, when you are in touch with your unique direction and essence, it all becomes purposeful and filled with meaning. If this is of interest to you, Trevor will be happy to have a chat with you and work out whether you would like to try something different. Register HERE and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Holisitic Personal Training

Trevor, his son Tj are Personal Trainers and are happy to discuss with you anything that you need in the way of Personal Training. Whether it be to get fit and healthy, lose some kilos, regain some vitality, prepare for an upcoming event, rehabilitate from injury and sickness or simply just to get back on your feet and active, they can help you. If this is of interest to you, Register HERE and we will be in contact with you as soon as possible.

Aquatic and Ocean Training

Once again, Trevor and his family are very qualified to help you step out into the ocean and waterways with confidence and enjoy everything our beautiful aquatic nature has to offer. Let their passion for the water and waves rub off onto you. You can register or enquire at the bottom. You can get lessons in:

1, 2, or 3 people, all gear provided or learn on your own. Incredible fun and an amazing adrenalin rush at times. Far safer and easy to control than most people think. There is nothing quite like the feeling of harnessing the wind and taking off. The first lesson ends with a body drag in the water and big massive smiles.

Up to 4 people at a time, all gear provided, or learn on your own. Most people don’t even realise that it is not even riding the wave perfectly that makes surfing an addiction. To start with, it is purely getting out there amongst the alive ocean and making a decision to let go and take off. The rest are just details and are all part of the experience!

Up to 8 people at a time – with a big emphasis on understanding the ocean/rips and currents (this is often the favourite of anyone who has dreamt of swimming in the ocean but suffered from thinking they weren’t a good enough swimmer) – many happy faces after getting past the breakers for the first time and doing it easily!

The fastest-growing water sport in the world. Up to 20 people at a time. Must be experienced to be believed. Boards of all sizes are available with big easy wide boards for those who think they are too large and not competent enough. No excuses, just jump on in. Go ahead, walk on water. We know you’ve always wanted to!

Up to 8 people at a time and a thoroughly fulfilling experience. Learn how to slow down your mind and slow down your heart rate and enjoy the sensation of not needing a breath. Ideal for removing fear before tackling big waves (whatever big is for you). Also perfect for creating a deep sense of relaxation and accomplishment. Another absolute favourite amongst Trevor’s clients.

With several World Championships under his belt in these ocean paddling disciplines and 4 years as a full-time flat water Kayak paddler, including a world tour as a member of the Australian Kayak Team, Trevor is often called on to hone the stroke of some of the current paddling elite or simply help others paddle for the first time. Enjoy this rapidly growing water sport with the comfort of knowing that your stroke is sufficient enough to not be wasting energy.
Register HERE for any Aquatic and Ocean training Sessions (listed above) or simply to make an inquiry. We will be in contact soon.