Now is the time to come together

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Hello friends,

I just felt compelled to write a couple of lines about the times we find ourselves in. More than anything I have always focused on teaching that “the conditions are always perfect”, in relation to anything we are undertaking. It makes for a cool story from my childhood and sharing about how i learnt to deal with the uncertainty of the ocean when everything seemed to be riding on me to get out through the breakers and back in, not only safely, but also faster than anyone else. My whole career, opportunities and income relied on me actually letting go and trusting in my own inner ability to deal with whatever came my way. The Ocean was such a powerful teacher to me and to this day is still one of my favourite lessons to pass along. The real question is not whether the conditions are perfect in any particular situation but what are they perfect for?

I just wanted to say and share with all on here, that the conditions right now seem more perfect than ever for learning how to connect, collaborate, care and create together. 4 powerful C’s. It is time to leave behind the next layer of competition, comparison, control and cold hearted ness. It seems like a great time to let go and learn how to ride the wave rather than wrestle it. The great truth is that we are all in this life together and whether we know it or not or believe it or not, we all actually share the same life force, the same core connection to all of life. The great hidden love and connection under all the apparent differences. The great deceit is that we are all separate.

I think right now we have so many subtle ways to remember that, the silver lining that hides in every situation, must be there somewhere and that when the situation is major, so is the silver lining. Time for more love my friends, more compassion, more allowing and understanding, more patience, more faith and more committed to keeping it light and giving and receiving help wherever we can. Time to breathe deep and let go of everything we can’t control. Time to remember how powerful we are, even without all of our creature comforts and guarantees.

Just some thoughts I felt compelled to share.

I can’t help but feel something really beautiful happening just below the surface of all of the upheaval. That is not to take away from people‘s pain and uncertainty but to believe a little in what may come out of it and perhaps it is a cleanse that we really needed, slowing the corporate world down and giving us all a little time to go inwards and heal. Some amazing things could happen, a system reboot even, when we are not contributing to keeping the whole system running incessantly every day. I know when I started intermittent fasting that my whole health and life changed for the better because my system finally had time to cast off the dead cells whilst I wasn’t constantly digesting. Not eating and feeding myself gave me the chance to heal my body in the gaps between digesting. I feel that the same could happen when we slow down and don’t incessantly feed the system we have all been feeding with our goals and busy-ness. I am sure even our planet could do with a little less trampling for a few weeks.

Love to all, reach out if needed and thanks for being a part of this crazy world we share, whilst troubling times, it is still very humbling and powerful to be a part of.


5 Comments on “Now is the time to come together”

  1. Yes my Man..
    This is why you are a real true blue guru and one of my favourite human beings on this planet…..
    But you are able to see the opportunity for growth And that’s something you have learned through years and years of reading the play…. watching the ocean.., reading the shifting movements … watching the pack ….. turning a buoy and taking a different line than the others because you possess something beyond what many people will ever be able to grasp…
    I really hope someone gets something from this…. my thoughts on the situation are very similar….
    an opportunity for learning ????????????
    Bless x x

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