Dr Emoto’s water experiment

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This is a wonderful window into the power of our thoughts. It is really about the power of the labels we attach to things. When we realise how deeply we judge and label everything we do, see and feel in life, we also open to the possibility of what it is that is actually creating our life to be the way it is right now. Our unconscious thoughts are playing far too big a role in our life. For those that already have a little metaphysical thirst, this is a wonderful video, for those that don’t yet have that thirst, this is a small taste of the wonders of the world we live in. It is well worth seeing the whole “What the bleep” film. Thanks to KhalsaSoulja for posting it.

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  1. Hi Trevor,
    I’m starting TPW on Sunday, very excited! I’m also a mum of a beautiful 1 1/2 yr girl and the secretary at Fluoride Free WA.

    I saw your water experiment video and with that, thought you may be the person for us. I’m sure you know about the fluoride debate that’s been happening for the last 50 years (and more recently in QLD). Well they’re trying to fluoridate the south west, (including Busselton, Bunbury, Margaret River, Denmark) as early as next year if we can’t stop it. And we need a spokesman. I’m hoping to make this topic centre of attention again. 95% of the developed world isn’t F and it just shouldn’t be happening here any more.

    Would speaking on this topic be of interest to you? Would getting a group of likeminded speakers together (safety in numbers) be a good idea? Could you visit to WA? What are your fees?

    Any advise much appreciated.

    Hayley Green

    1. hi Hayley, I apologise that I just came across this comment and realised it hadn’t been replied to. You can contact me on [email protected] if you would like to chat more about the fluoride issue. Not sure where that is up to. Warm regards,

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