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It’s OK exactly as it is. Life, I am talking about. Did you know that? It’s OK exactly as it is. You are OK exactly as you are! That is the truth!

What I am about to talk about defines the difference between the things in life we are experiencing that are painful and the things in life we are experiencing that are joyful, light and fun.

There is an untruth floating around most of our heads, families and life in general that you are not OK until….? Until what? Well, until anything that your mind has locked onto as not good enough or needs changing. We are forever putting off our own peace in exchange for the tormenting promise that all will be better when I fix…..?

It is rubbish. It is a rubbish thought in your mind and is not designed to keep you on your toes (as possibly argued) or to make sure you finish all your jobs. It is there to make sure you never ever feel as though you have done enough. It is there to make sure that you never ever feel that you are enough. The thought is continuous and contagious and so is the energy. It will always find something else you or someone else has to do to be good enough.

You could be behind on your bills, down on your health, in the midst of a big relationship break up or argument, or just have a pile of paper work or housework that appears to be climbing towards the roof – it doesn’t matter. The thought that you are not good enough or shouldn’t or can’t be happy (in fact, anything other than angry) until it is all done, is a load of rubbish.

There is an element of it that makes sure you follow through and finish what you started, but the majority of the energy is just there to piss you off even more, to make you give up, get frustrated at someone or everyone or everything, and to join you in with the chorus of perpetually unhappy people that have a very valid argument for why the world or the people in it are screwed or destined for failure.

Do you want to join the party or have a laugh? Do you want to wade through the endless jobs in your mind, losing your sanity and energy as you go, or just pick one job and do it?

A lot of us are good or have times where we are good at getting the job done, but that is usually because we have been trained, or arrived at the conclusion that if we do all of our jobs, we are being good boys and girls and we will get a reward – something good will happen. Think back to your childhood, your school life, young work life and you’ll know what I mean.

By default in our mind, we then have the situation that if we don’t do it, then something bad will happen. Of course good things do happen when you follow things through, but the being good thought actually keeps everything you do in a band of conditional love or giving. In other words, we stay in the band – with a lot of others – of giving or doing to achieve something, rather than giving or doing for the joy of it (the unconditional state).

Now if that has got you thinking, here is something else I want you to consider. There is also an element of all of us being stuck in this together. If you do start to break out of it and think for yourself, you may find that others around you aren’t so happy with this new found freedom to do things at a healthier pace. They may still be stuck in the rat race and expect you to do things on their time cycle (which is often yesterday). You don’t need to do much with that. Just be aware and have a giggle. Give them a little understanding, if you can, and set about being true to yourself for a little longer until they see the light.

You may have to work with them a little to get them across the line to realise that they too would benefit from a change of mind about this.

If you ever want to experience a group of people being true to themselves around time, just take a visit to a South Pacific island and you will notice that things don’t get done upon your demand, they get done when they get done. It is referred to as ‘Island Time’ and it is a lot healthier for you than the mainland time you have been rolled over by.

So, if it is about just taking the next job and doing it with a present-minded attitude, maybe the first job off the rank is to go to the park and sitting and doing nothing for 20 minutes. It could be the most productive thing you have done in a long time.

If you are running on empty and have a mind that spells out an endless list of tasks or conditions that need to be met, chances are, you will not get there purely by soldiering on, knuckling down and getting on with it. If you do, usually something else has suffered as a consequence such as your health, your relationship/s, your bank balance etc.

You are allowed to slow it all down and do one job at a time. In fact that is the desired end result. Even if you are powering through tasks and being incredibly creative at a blistering pace, if you are inspired and in your right mind, you will still be doing and experiencing one job at a time and they all seem connected to the whole.

When you do this your creativity will flourish and you will find solutions to problems that seemed insurmountable. You will enjoy yourself as you go, experiencing the wonderful feeling of self fuelling and self fulfilment.

You will then know the difference between the suffering and the joy. After having a taste of both you will find it very alien to go back to being in a hurry and letting yourself and everyone else suffer in the process.

You will finally know what it feels like when you are not yourself and also what it truly feels like to be you. Remember – the impulse to do it all yesterday is just an energy with a bit, or a lot, of mind wrapped around it. When you spot the energy you may be able to spot the mind too. Now, that would be a good achievement.

By the way – question any part of your mind that says that this is not possible. As I am suggesting, you can get it all done and in a much healthier way. You may feel the grumpy piece of your mindset jump up and react with something like “There’s no way I can get all that done if…” or “That’s easy for him to say….”. You may feel like the proverbial bear being poked in the cave. That is good! If you can allow it to happen and just observe it, you may find the real you rise to the surface, after the reaction dies down of course.

Remember, we all have our own (seemingly) unique set of justifications for why something can’t be done. Do yourself a favour and don’t buy your own mind’s justifications based on history, and you will start to feel alive again.

It is always a good time to come into now.

When you operate in this way or from this perspective, you will know once and for all that the real you is creative, inspirational, capable and accomplished.

Not only is slowing down and doing one task at a time a cure for your woes – it is also the end game!

PLEASE for everyone’s sake, including your own, get started on slowing down and start looking at life from a higher perspective, your perspective!

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are!

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