Try Harder versus Change your Mind

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You know, being spiritual is not an “airy fairy” thing.  You could make it that way if you kept your head in the clouds, if you didn’t actually confront the state of your life and face the negative bits that you are doing to keep it that way, but make no mistake being or feeling your own spiritual truth is not an airy fairy thing.  In fact it is a very real, solid, all pervading reality.

You could say there are two worlds we live in, at the same time.  There is the Physical world (the physical universe) and the Metaphysical world (The metaphysical or non physical or Spiritual universe).  Whilst our focus seems to be stuck here in the physical universe and is aimed at all things physical, ie, bodies, money, houses, cars, jobs, relationships, our spiritual self resides in the metaphysical or non physical world.

Scientists are now clearly realizing that the further down you go in understanding the physical universe, the deeper you look, you begin to find the “nothing” that sits behind this.  Albert Einstein talked about this intelligent force that sat behind all things physical.

Our problem here on planet earth is that we have been conditioned into thinking of all problems as physical problems.  We try to work harder or more or longer in the hope that we will one day reach the moment of Nirvana that everything is wonderful.  This Nirvana is very rarely, if ever, reached and if it is, it will never last as long as you have not made peace with the Spiritual World.  In other words, unless you have realized the instability of the physical world and invested in being your full, loving, powerful, non reactive, spiritual, natural self, you will be still missing the point.

We are ultimately here to learn that we are creators, that we are one, connected to all things and that the source of all life is also our natural state.  Once you realize that, life becomes very simple and fun to create in a way that truly brings inspiration and joy into the physical world.  The world needs more people to be the stability that is missing and bring it into the world of jobs, relationships, education, governance, money, art etc.  We need the love.  It is hidden in all of us and it needs to come out to really make a difference.

Ghandi referred to love as a “powerful force”.  I am not talking about love, the concept, I am talking about the love that comes out of you when you are truly connected to and aware of your true self and you are willing and brave enough to bring it out into the world.  It is definitely a force, unfortunately though it is a force very rarely unleashed.  Make no mistake, I am still learning how to unleash this force but boy am I having some fun learning and mastering it from day to day.

That is the good news, when you begin to work on the end goal, love and awareness, everything has perspective and the love and help of the greater world can come in now, not in that illusory, imaginary future.

When you are connected to your spirit, you feel alive, gentle, peaceful, powerful, true and expansive.  It is not a concept, it is not really even an experience, it is a reality.  You literally, feel the truth of things, you are the truth of things.

I was exploring the spiritual side of life for quite a while before I actually popped through and felt what life was like outside of the mind.

All of the great philosophers and mystics have written about it and pointed to it for many years now.  That is because it has always been there and always will be, the spiritual reality is the real basis of all life.

Having said that, with so much written and spoken about it, it is very easy to begin to think that it is a way of thinking or “thing to aspire to” or possibly not be bothered about.  But, when you pop through and really feel that reality, you realize that it is and always will be behind all of life.  It is instantly available to you in any moment, however it is very, very, rarely accessed in it’s true form.

This is why there are so many religions and books and people pointing towards it yet you can still go through without ever really connecting with it.  Life, spirit, being-ness is an energy, a reality, a force that has to be felt to be believed and sometimes believed to be felt.

Don’t worry though plenty of people have had no belief in it whatsoever and yet through some divine act, they have burst out of the mind and into the true reality of the moment, spirit and much to their surprise have discovered just how simple and complete it feels.

Now, the reason why it is so hard to access is because the negative, patterned, mind driven world has so much momentum.  We are so damn focused on this point in the future that never comes.  No amount of hard work or renewed focus will get you where you want to get if you still think it is a point in the future.  The way is now.  You have to begin to be here now, accept the world and your situation the way it is now.  If you can accept it you can begin to work to change it but you will still always be in the now.

When you step out of now to change it, it remains an unreachable goal.  You don’t even have to be fully in the now to get the benefits and peace, power and fulfillment that comes with it.  You only have to entertain the thought of now and step away from the thoughts and energy that are so fixed on the future or the past.  Just allow the possibility that slowing down and being here now will lead you to the life you want to live.

You can expect to be drawn back into drama, that is ok, when you realize it you can gently bring yourself back to now.  You will know if you are on the right track because you will feel the energy inside of you that refuses to stop and believe that this moment is good enough.  All of the mental and painful evidence rises to say that the world needs to be changed but it doesn’t, it just needs you to be here now, fully, and the rest can and will change.

You just need to start a change of mind and your heart will eventually lead all conversations, allowing life to follow suit and begin to look like the life you always wanted anyway.

You would be surprised by just how quickly your life can change for the better when you just let it be, drop the force and enjoy the peace that arrives now, the peace of letting go, the peace of changing your mind, the peace and promise of how wonderful your life can be.

Be brave.


Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.




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