The unbreakable you

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I love helping people. I love putting truth out into the world. I love making a difference. That doesn’t make me any different to anyone else, even if it seems that way, as we are all born with that pure feeling of wanting to explore and make a difference. When we are little children, we love to be included in conversations, jobs where we can help mum and dad and the household in general. As we get older, we begin to get jaded, conditioned and diminished in our unconditional desire to make a difference.

Even if we still want to make a difference as we get older, we begin to learn from those “above” us, parents, teachers, religious instructors, coaches, government, society, that whatever we do, it is or should be, conditional, that the world and the people in it shouldn’t be trusted and that there is only so much to go around.

Some of this conditioning comes from personal experience but often it comes from thoughts and limiting beliefs put into our heads by those who care. They do actually care but they often unknowingly pass on the same dribble that they were taught or convinced of. If you are like me and you have children, you will have probably already done the same to your kids. It is not right or wrong, good or bad, it is just not the truth and needs to be overcome at some point.

Even putting together my website, it has always been about helping and making a difference, passing on things that I have learnt, realized, discovered, been shown or remembered, things that really make a difference.

Recently, I have been following that intuition off around the world and whilst redeveloping the website, I haven’t been adding to it, what I have been doing is getting out there helping and exploring again. I have not done a lot of writing and it has been a big gap since my last blog. In that time, I have travelled to a handful of countries and around Australia with one thing in mind, helping those that I feel truly connected with to become free-er, more “higher self” inspired and to really win and make a difference in their own world. My knowing is that this in turn helps the world.

So, I have come back to my computer ready to type some interesting realizations and reflections. This will be a fairly long blog but only because I would love to give you a clear picture of what I am saying. If you aren’t already aware of this, I believe the following may help you in many ways. I particularly want to start with one of the biggest, most hidden and most powerful things to realize, something that has revealed itself to me more and more as I travel the world helping people.

Here it is. Most of us, myself included, lost our power and our own volition at a very young age. Unknowingly or unconsciously we have been trying to get it back ever since. These attempts to get it back are so unknowingly misdirected, that our attempts to get it back, to feel free, happy and fulfilled, alive and relevant again, have often become the problem itself. You have been pushed and are being pushed constantly, unknowingly, into fighting and struggling for what you want, when all that you really need, already belongs to you, the seeds of it are already inside of you. There is nothing that you truly need, that is outside or separate from your true self. Everything else that you need will follow you and find you when you realize this.

To make sense of what I am saying, it helps to think of life as an undertaking between three basic areas, body, mind and soul.

At a body level we are referring to the material or physical world, bodies, possessions, money, house and cars. This is the stuff that most of the world thinks will make all the difference and solve all of the problems. We have thoughts like “If I can just get that money (girl, job, house etc) everything will be better”. That thought leads me to the next level, the mind, thinking.

At a mind level we are referring to thought, on all of it’s different levels. A simple and relatively helpful description of mind can be attained through some definitions used in “psychology”. The basic levels of thought are Conscious (what I know I am thinking), sub conscious (what I have thought for a long time but aren’t aware of, perhaps “unconscious”) and super conscious (the thoughts I would be having as an aware Soul or spirit, perhaps “higher consciousness”). That then leads us to Soul.

At a Soul level, we are referring to the pure essence or energy that ultimately is you. This is the same pure soul essence that makes up all of life, that makes all of life possible. We can only really point to this, not accurately explain it as it can only be truly understood from a feeling, sensing, personal knowing or experiencing level. Soul is who you are, without thought or body, just pure being. This is the Nirvana that we sometimes search. The good news is that you are the Nirvana, so you don’t really have to search.

Did you notice that as I described body, it just naturally flowed onto mind and as I described the levels of mind it naturally flowed onto Soul? That is because it is all energy, it is all different levels or experiences of the same thing, energy, essence, presence and ultimately Soul. Imagine the colors of a rainbow going from one side of the spectrum to the other, gradually blending from one color to another, eventually being on opposite sides of the same experience, color. You could also refer to it as a scale of vibration, from the more dense vibration of physical matter, through the flightier vibration, albeit still quite dense, of the mind, right the way to the fine, light, free vibration of Soul.

Quantum physicists have now proven that behind all matter, when we look deeper and deeper, smaller and smaller, what you find is not in fact matter, it is mostly space and some sort of intelligent energy that is dictating the performance of matter, the patterns that it follows etc. This energy, seems to be measurable as different frequencies of light. In other words there are just different levels of vibration, some heavier, some finer.

Have you ever found out there was a restaurant around the corner that serves amazing food and that you didn’t even know about or an app for your phone that was really helpful in your business that you suddenly come across? These are two simple examples of what happens to us daily, we need something long enough we eventually find it, it turns up in our world. Before you knew about it, you were missing out on the benefits it could give to your day to day life, afterwards, you just enjoy it for the difference it makes.

That is the same as understanding these different levels of energy. An understanding of what is Body, what is mind and what is soul, will make a massive difference to everything you do and decide. The sub conscious mind of the world is promising you and trapping you into thinking that “more” of the physical will solve all of your problems. That almost makes the physical material world look like a trap but it is not. It is the mind that is the trap, the mind that tells you that you have to have it to be peaceful, free, better, happy.

It is like you are being lead up the garden path by the mind, seductively drawn away from this moment and the people and life in it, to some past or future moment that promises you the riches that you deserve or desire. You are being lured by the mind, even your own thoughts are taking you down that path. Funny thing is you never had those thoughts when you were a young child, you learned them or picked them up along the way. They are conditioned thoughts, you have become most heavily influenced by your environment, instead of drawing your influence from your deeper knowing and instinct, as you would have when you were a young child.

When you go mud crabbing, you put a pot in the water with a big chunk of bait wired into the middle. The crab smells it, wants it, crawls around the pot until he finds the way in, then begins to eat the bait. If you lift the pot up, you will find the crab still holding onto the bait. If he was capable of thinking, he would be thinking “what just happened, where did this trap come from, I never even saw it, how long has it been around me.”

The mind is exactly the same as the pot. We get drawn in by the bait, the promise of a satisfied hunger on some level, we find our way in and start feasting, not even realizing that we are surrounded by the unconscious thoughts that make up the wire, almost invisible structure of the trap. Not really cool to realize that on some level we may be no smarter than the crab in the crab pot, falling for the thought “once you have this tasty piece of mullet, everything will be better”. The really cool thing is if I was to point the trap out to you, you perhaps would find your way out and maybe never get caught in it again.

“More” of the physical world won’t make you happy. That is because the thoughts that were making you unhappy, haven’t yet changed. I refer to an old Einstein quote “you cannot solve a problem on the same level of mind that it was created”.

Now lets go way back to my original point. The level of mind that we are mostly getting trapped by, isn’t even our own. This crazy carrot chasing never even existed in our young minds. Yes, we were adventurous and had a thirst for growth and new experience, but at a young age we didn’t think that we were nothing without the experience, we just had it. We weren’t yet addicted and hadn’t tied our self identity, our ego, to the things we were experiencing, we were just experiencing them and learning from them.

As we grow a bit and are exposed to a few more adults (conditioned kids that were prepared earlier), systems and structures, we begin to be taught, told or made to believe that we don’t really matter and we haven’t yet got relevance, that some people in the world are more relevant and powerful and some are less. We begin to be pushed towards being one of the relevant ones, so that we may have a life. “Son, you have to make the most of every opportunity, take what is yours and don’t trust people because they will want to take it off you.” This is not far off what most of us have been told or taught at some stage. The funny thing is there is some truth in the statement, but only at one level of the rainbow or at one point in the scale of vibration.

The truth is you are a beautiful powerful, light filled, unexplainable intelligence that cannot be destroyed. You have within you the blueprint to create worlds at the very least a wonderful life. That blueprint can be accessed by an amazingly simple thing called intuition or deeper knowing. It is not a thinking based thing or a physical thing. It comes out of nowhere and yet when followed always leads to somewhere perfect and magical for that moment. The truth is that you are powerful beyond belief. You will only ever fully access that power when you have the humility, presence, selflessness and stillness to go with it but you are more powerful than all of the limiting thoughts that make up the worlds crab-pot, the trap of the mind.

You are the power you are looking for. You are the love you are looking for. You are the peace you are looking for. We didn’t even realize we lost that power, because our teachers (parents, teachers etc) pointed us further down the road (when you make something of yourself) looking for our freedom, not even realizing that they had lost their own power.

That’s when the problem really hits another gear, the insatiable desire to feel normal, happy, relevant or free begins. We pursue friendships, peer groups, relationships, jobs, substances, experiences that make us feel better. We are forever looking for our power out there in the world, in the experiences, but we never find it because we are looking for love in all the wrong places, it actually sits right inside of us.

Even when we find it in someone else, we misunderstand, we don’t realize, they just helped us access inside of ourself. When we don’t know this, we hold on so tight we drive those we love away and the cycle continues. When we say “I am in love with YOU”, what we really mean (if we shifted a little across the rainbow of awareness) is “ I am IN LOVE with you”. I am IN love and so are you, together we are IN love. This love comes from you, this power comes from you and it is in everyone. When you know this, relationships become truly magical.

The world has convinced you, unknowingly for most, that you need something else to be free, powerful, relevant and happy. You do not need anything else, you are better served without all of these things, as everything you need is inside of you, it is you.

When you become aware of this sub or unconscious mind, this thinking, that is limiting or controlling you, you can begin to feel free again, without even really doing anything other than not noticing and not believing that mind. It is actually really funny just to notice it once you know it is not you. The more you become aware of it, the better your life gets and the more capable you are of helping just like you wanted to as that little child, helping purely out of service and love. There is a real joy in knowing that you are perfect as you are, that this moment is perfect and that at another level of the spectrum, all of this is just teaching you or leading you to be yourself, you higher self.

There are those that say that certain people are aware of the power of mind control and they are personally manipulating it, us and the planet for their own purposes. That may very well be true but is still only occupies one position on the spectrum. It is all energy. Whilst I have worked with many who have been majorly controlling and contributing to the suffering of a lot of others in their desire to be free of suffering themselves, they have all turned out to be almost completely unaware they were doing it or having that effect. When they have realized they have turned out to be some of the most powerful, proactive agents of truth, love and change that are going around.

I personally did not have a clue that I was having that effect when I was trying to rule the world in my own way because I wasn’t consciously aware that I was trying to rule the world and control everything. As soon as I saw it, it all made sense, as I had always had the sneaking feeling that I was on the wrong track, it just didn’t feel right on all levels, it felt somehow wrong, even though by societies standards I was a sporting hero and a champion. It has been so fantastic to let go of that old identity, piece by piece. I was so relieved to see it and so relieved to see the crab pot of thoughts and realize that I had been the crab pot (the trap) for some, whilst being in the pot for others.

At the end of the day, it is not a person or a few people that is controlling the world (even if they are trying) and keeping us all limited, competing and fighting, it is the mind, it is incessant thinking, it is the deeply conditioned belief that you are not enough. Nothing could be further from the truth.

There are no enemies, only the hidden mind that plays us all off against each other, all under the guise that we are not enough and that we need more to be complete. I am not religious at all, in fact I tend to help people come out of the indoctrination of religion, but to put it in a religious term, if there was a devil, he would be hiding in the mind.

Be the observer, slow down, regularly take yourself away from pressures and hassles of life so you can begin to notice your thoughts, 95% of them are unconscious (on average) and are more than likely working against you.

Be simple, follow your intuition, ask yourself “why” you are really doing things, be prepared to discover that there are parts of your thinking that aren’t so pure and would really love revenge or peace at any cost.

Don’t try and be pure and perfect and good, be real, be brave enough to discover what you are thinking and why you are doing things. Be brave enough to discover what heartaches and losses you are carrying with you. Leave your baggage behind and be here in and for this moment.

You are the power that you are looking for. You are the love that you are looking for. Take that love and power back from thinking, it never belonged to thought in the first place, it belonged to the little boy and girl that saw the world as a wonderful place to contribute, explore and be a part of love coming back to planet earth. It belongs to that spark inside of you that is part of the whole universal spark. When a wave breaks it doesn’t cease to become the ocean, it just temporarily expresses itself in an individual way and then sinks back into the ocean and is the ocean. You are that wave, express yourself knowing that you are also the ocean and know that you also hold the deep wisdom that comes with it. You will find your way.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.


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  1. Thank you Trevor for your insight and thoughts. Quite a few years ago I did some Back to Basics stuff with on you on the Gold Coast. And since then have travelled a lot had kids and moved more, and eventually found I had lost contact with my souls path and bought into alot of people’s stuff, became stuck in my own victim mentality and made 1000’s of excuses….
    I found your website yesterday and feel so blessed and grateful. !! I know you will be the catalyst to get my journey back in alignment.
    Thank you again.

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