The Termite’s Nest

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I was recently chatting to a friend who was doing the Bootcamp for the Soul and he was talking to me about how he was able to understand and release some of the layers of grievances that he had with many people in his life but as he dug deeper and got down to the buried issues with his parents. he was instantly stuck.  He said that he felt blank, like there was nothing but some sort of unrecognized block.

He began to realize that there was a stack of stuff left over from his childhood and that as he dug a little deeper he could start to see whole life decisions that had been made over the top of a deep layer of anger and upset that he had with his parents.  He had vowed to not live his life like them and not let his children have the same experience as him.  This vow was further cemented by his reactive mind, or alter ego, with the justification that, if he hadn’t made all of those decisions he would never have become as successful as he had become (or at least had thought he had become).

He has done such a good job of seeing and releasing the other stuff that was covering it he could begin to see that his mind’s justification was a load of rubbish and that in fact he was still sitting on and effected by the same original upset even though he had worked so hard to live life differently.  He had been a wonderful creator and provider but still couldn’t quite provide that vulnerability; stillness and understanding that would complete the cycle for his children.

His spiritual story is already one of success because he has gotten himself to the point of seeing these things that is a big win indeed.  The rest will come out as he allows himself to go further into the vulnerability and is then able to release the final bits.  He is a real inspiration and already has people lining up to talk to him for help with their lives.  You see he has got the best qualification you can have, real life experience and real release.

The picture occurred to me, whilst he was sharing with me what he had realized, that building a life over the top of these deep upsets is like building a wooden house on top of a huge termites nest.  It doesn’t matter if you get the best wood and materials (decisions and strategies) you are still covering over the inevitable.  You are in fact giving the termite’s nest (the original issue) even more food or fuel to survive.  It may take time to eat its way to the surface but make no mistake, unless you deal with and release the termites (the original issue) you will eventually see evidence of their ravenous hunger.

The original issue may lie dormant for a long time but it will resurface as soon as you head back into the love and care area and your life will have no choice but to manifest itself in a way that eventually brings it all up to the surface.

One of the big mistakes we make in our spiritual growth journey is to expect to do a little and then all your problems will go away.  Life will continue to present you with the buried bits to give you a chance to free them out and release them (the issue and the people involved in it) and yourself.  It is going to continue to surface anyway so you may as well start welcoming it and facing it head on instead of waiting for it to show itself in the form of your collapsing house, life, finances, relationship or health.

So, jump in, welcome your growth, welcome the chance to see and release, go towards old hurts and face them, see them for what they are, misunderstandings and too long held problems.  You may just release the whole vibration from your life and wake up the next day feeling as though something major has changed and that life had suddenly just become simpler.  In my experience that is more than worth a little effort or attention on your behalf.

Go find your old termites nest, you don’t have to look too hard, they will be just under the surface, trying to bubble through in present day conflicts.  Basically, if there isn’t some sort of energetic bad memory (termites nest) that relates to what is happening in front of you right now, there won’t even be a reaction, just an observation and the ability to be with and handle the situation in a fresh moment.  That is freedom.  That is authentic power.  That is Presence.  That is love. That is you.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.



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