The Number 1 Ingredient – Willingness

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Make no mistake; the number one ingredient or your number one part, in lasting personal change, is Willingness.  You could say awareness, love, responsibility, intention and action are also very big parts of lasting change, however if they are not already there, willingness will lead you back to them.

Willingness to be responsible for your own gains (as my great teacher put it) can be your best friend.  If you think back to anything that you have conquered or done well in life, you will find willingness in the vital ingredients.  Think of an example of something that you succeeded in, firstly notice that there was willingness there and notice how much energy had followed from that willingness.  Notice how much determination came from that willingness.  Also check out how much “thinking for yourself” came from that willingness.  Willingness is like the strings in the bow.  Your action is like the arrow.  When you pull back and release your action with true willingness, the arrow will cut through anything and reach its desired target.

It is the willingness that provides the “arrow like”, pin point focus.  It provides the penetration.  After all, for it to be a part of something you are changing it has to cut through all of the old patterns, excuses, dramas, distractions and point of give up.  You cannot change a problem on the same level of mind it was created so you must derive your motivation from an inspired (in spirit), non mind place and make sure that it cuts through all of the normal distractions and points of failure to reach it’s desired target.

Remember back to any situation where you naturally had willingness and you will also find inspiration (in spirit) and self-drive.  This is the beautiful natural intelligence of spirit shining through all of the distortion and trickery of our mind made world of problems, blames and dramas.  You see willingness and responsibility are like brothers or sisters of the same family.  Be willing to take responsibility and you will find your way through anything.  The third partner in the equation can be life itself because when you bring your inspired and willing self to the party, anything that is beyond your ability to conquer on your own will be infused with that power of spirit.

If this hasn’t yet been your experience, or even if it hasn’t always been your experience, that doesn’t mean that it is not true, it simply means that you have a new level of willingness waiting to be discovered and possibly a new layer of struggle or resistance to be seen and released.  That is the “work” aspect of spiritual awakening, you occasionally need to be willing to move towards the point of release and bring yourself to the start line.  When you step over the line that is your way of letting the universe know that you are ready for it to play it’s part.

Willingness will bring you instant results, if not and things don’t start changing to be better, then it is only your willingness (to keep moving and keep looking) that will be tested.  At the beginning stages of waking up spiritually it almost always comes down to willingness.

If you find yourself unwilling, don’t panic, just explore why, what are you still holding onto, you will find a secret layer of resistance that will be beautiful and powerful to release.  When the willingness is naturally there again, not only will you be more able to move forward, you will also naturally enjoy yourself more along the way.  Don’t panic about it, don’t try and manufacture it, just get used to the relationship between your natural willingness and your results.  It is very revealing when you allow yourself to see it.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.



This viewpoint was taken from Trevor Hendy’s Bootcamp for the Soul, click here to learn more.



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  1. I am very interested in either joining your Soul Boot Camp or sign up for One on One Life Coaching.
    I desperately want to learn how to let things go so I can move on complete and happy. Fortunately I am in a better place than I ever have been, but feel I have used my past experiences to help assist other women through the work that I do and I’ve only just realised that this isn’t helping me.
    So I was wondering what program would better suit me?
    Thank you Trevor and look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards,
    Vikki Batcheler

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