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Well, hello friends. I’ve really wanted to write about this one for a while. In a consciousness sense, this is one of the single most destructive aspects of living on planet earth. Did you know that there is a force inside of your personal space, your personal sphere of energy (soul, mind and body), that totally controls you and your actions purely by assessing and critiquing almost everything you do, see and feel? If you were already aware of this, I think you will enjoy exposing it a bit more in this blog. If you hadn’t thought of it this way before, I think you will really enjoy seeing it and realizing it’s presence for the first time.

You see, the power of this force lies in the fact that you haven’t recognized or have forgotten, moment to moment, that it is there. Whilst I have been having wonderful realizations and openings in my work and have been seeing this force playing out in and around me and the world itself and have also been getting really excited by seeing it more fully and writing about it, it is somehow still really challenging to write about.

It is such a hidden force, residing in such a hidden realm, (our subconscious thoughts) and has such inner momentum that the energy itself is very good at burying itself back down. Have you seen those ticks that dig down into your skin, barely showing their presence from above, then when you attempt to pull them out, they bury down harder? That points a little to the nature of this inner force. It wants nothing more than to be buried down in your thinking. If you were free of this force, you would be free and loving life in all ways.

I am of course referring to the force of “judgment” or what is sometimes referred to as “the Judge”.

You could also call it the little man or lady on your shoulder. It is the voice inside your head that is constantly and consistently berating you or others for what they do or haven’t done. It helps to think of it like another person as it actually seems to have opinions, personality and something to say on almost everything. He or she seems to be a pretty pissed off, or at least very righteous little fella. You could also call it the ego. It is part of your energy that has been drawn away from your conscious use and via your unquestioned thoughts, is now being used against you.

In short, we are thinking ourselves, usually unconsciously into discomfort, dis-ease, disease, suffering, broken relationships, bad health, scarcity and possible hell. We are judging and labeling almost everything and it is all coming back around and landing on top of us.

I was with someone today who was commenting how bad someone’s approach was to a particular situation. Whilst commenting about it, I could also feel him living in the tension of his judgment. The funny thing was, we weren’t even involved in the situation, it had just been brought to our attention by another passer by. The passer by’s judgment had hooked into my friends unconscious attraction to judging everything and a comical down spiral of judgment and opinions and funny “huh” sounds ensued.

Have you noticed, almost everything we are doing in the world these days is surrounded by and soaked in judgment. Ugly or pretty, good or bad, better or worse, richer or poorer, right or wrong, morally right or morally wrong, skinny or fat, idiot or good guy, slow or fast, smart or dumb, tough or weak, sexy or lame and one of the biggest one’s these days, cool or un-cool. Have you noticed how these are all opposites. They are only actually relevant at all to the mind. They only actually exist in the mind. They are all comparisons. They come from the world of dualities, the world of thinking.

As long as you have opposites, you have better or worse attached to it, another opposite. This is where our suffering comes from. Our very wellbeing relies on this thinking lining up once in a few years and telling us that we are good enough to enjoy this moment.

Your mind, the judge, the ego, is always looking for what is going to serve it best. If our ego loves to be right, we will fight other people that are wrong or insist they are, even when they are not. If our ego yearns to be sexy, then we will point out all of the flaws of others. If we value intelligence, we will take great comfort in the apparent stupidity of others. We will literally judge them, usually from afar and often to others, based on what our ego desires to feel about itself. All we are doing is powering up the ego.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, we haven’t yet worked out that the ego is not actually us, it is just old unconscious thinking. Despite the fact that it claims to be our friend and has our best interest at heart, the ego is always creating more problems for us, especially when attempting to fix the last one. As it tries to get it’s apparent lost power back, it creates a greater, often unacknowledged, loss of power.

This ego would lose all of it’s power and we would get back our soul power, if we simply worked out or noticed that it is all based on judgment, it is all based on thinking, most of which is unconscious. That is the judge I am referring to.

If your “judge” has no-one else to work on, it will get back to working on you. In other words, if you are no longer in a relationship, at the party, no longer watching the tv show or reading the magazine, your thoughts will turn back to you. At the end of the day that is the unconscious effect, you will feel like crap. The troubling thing is that your thoughts never really left you in the first place as even when you were thinking and judging others, you were unconsciously, unknowingly comparing them back to yourself anyway. The ego attempts to prove you are ok and only manages to prove you are not. Some may be still thinking they are the winners in the situation, but rest assured their time will come too.

As I said above, you are not really comparing back to your true self when you are judging others, you are comparing back to your ego’s view of yourself. You are not the problem, none of us are. It is the judging that is killing us all. We think, when all situations completely match up with our ego’s desires, everything will be better. The truth is that it very rarely gets close to that and even if it does, we have usually pushed so many people away in the process, that we have lost the peace, connection, love and accomplishment that we truly desired in the first place.

What you judge, you wear. What you put on someone else, will land squarely on you, if it hasn’t already.

I want to share with you one of the original sayings that drew me to this work many years ago. I was fascinated by it. It literally liberated me instantly and lead me down a path of realizing how trapped in my ego I was. The saying goes like this, “You cannot love or hate anything about someone else unless you love or hate it about yourself”.

Now, I tried black and blue to disprove that saying at the same time as absolutely loving it and knowing deep down that it was spot on. I still stumble upon moments, when the judgment rises and I have to look at it again. Is it possible that he or she is my reflection? That is particularly hard to stomach when you have spent countless years, thoughts and conversations convincing yourself and others that you they are wrong and their behavior is unacceptable.

It is one of the most liberating things you can ever do, realize that someone is merely reflecting an unconscious part of yourself. That could be a love or hate, either way it is confronting. The bottom line is that absolutely every time, I questioned this reflection principle, I went on to discover just how connected I was to something that had made me react and how very similar I was to the person I was judging.

We are drawing all this negative in on ourselves with judgment, ego and thinking we know better.

If you want to be free in life and in the moment, ready to live your best life, all you need to start or accelerate is, become aware of the judge. The judge is not you. The judge is the energy inside of you mixed with the thoughts that are feeding it. It (the ego, judge) ultimately wants you, the soul, dead.

From another higher view, it is teaching you about what is real and not real, by virtue of the fact that it is showing you all of the falsities it can. Unfortunately, it is trying to convince you that they are real. You have to be the observer, the awakened soul, to realize this, then you can and will be free. More money, time, sex, likes, acknowledgment, admirers, possessions, titles or anything else you are craving, won’t fix anything, they will just magnify it.

If you want more of anything, go for more awareness, more freedom from your thoughts, more freedom from the judge. If you have more of those simple things, you will immediately begin to feel as though you are flying through life again. That all starts from getting out of your head, out of your mind and into the moment.

Even hot and cold is subjective. On one hand boiling water is hot and ice is cold. But if you compared that boiling water to the temperature on the surface of the sun, you wouldn’t say it was hot any more. It is all relative.

Become aware of the judge, he or she, is hanging around almost every moment of every day and that is why we are feeling not enough, not because we are not enough or don’t have enough but because we are being convinced by our own minds that we aren’t. Everything about you is perfect, the only way you can improve is by slowing down and becoming whole.

Peace belongs to you right now, if you are brave enough to just slow down and notice your thoughts, notice the judge. Once you have noticed, don’t fall for the trap of judging yourself for having a judge, that is just the same energy trying to sneak back in. Just breathe and dare I say it, love yourself, exactly the way you are. Remember the judge doesn’t only try and run your mind, it tries to run the whole mind of the planet. Give yourself time and space to work it out and find the people that are waking up around you, they will happily have a laugh with you.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.


If you would like to see a wonderful 2 min video of the power of the judge and labeling click HERE.

3 Comments on “The Judge”

  1. Howdy Trev,

    Just stumbled across your page and found this a great little read, just thought I’d let you know. Keep up the good work!


  2. Hi Trevor,

    Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on “The Judge”. I struggle with this a lot. You made a lot of sense. I will think differently about my judging thoughts in the future both about others and myself. I am so glad I found your website!


  3. Trev,

    Heard you on the radio this morning talking about Kyrgios and thought your assessment of him was very objective, without judgement, compassionate and insightful. Very few would talk about Kyrgios in those terms. Most of us would move straight to judgement, as you describe very well in this article, when talking about Kyrgios. I have noticed myself doing the same with my cantankerous father (there I am judging)!

    About to sign up for your online course.

    Have a great day.


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