Nothing is Promised

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I first heard my greatest teacher say this when I was sitting down to receive one of his seminars for the first time.  He wrote up “what is promised?” on the board before this motley crew of people from all walks of life had even had a chance to stop shuffling in their seats. At the time I didn’t know that he would go on to become my greatest teacher but that would all soon change.   I thought to myself “gee he talks fast” as we realized that “nothing is promised” was the answer and he began to talk to us about this statement.  It was only moments into this chat that I began to realize that he had a lot to tell me and I had a lot of listening to do.  Lucky he was talking fast after all, as I had a lot of catching up to do.

So today I just wanted to chat to you about the truth and freedom in realizing that “NOTHING IS PROMISED!!”.  From a physical life perspective, everything comes and goes, sometimes bringing us happiness and sometimes stopping us in our tracks but make no mistake, nothing in the physical universe lasts forever.  That is pretty interesting when you realized a huge amount of our focus is aimed at gaining some physical things or a physical advantage or some spare time.  Even time, along with space is a huge part of the Physical Universe.

It seems everything in this big wide universe is in a crazy, somewhat chaotic looking dance.  It comes and it goes, we rise up with and we fall with it.  We go through hope and despair, joy and anger, sadness and happiness, feeling free and feeling stuck.  The only thing that is different for each individual is the degrees, combinations and timings of these ins and outs, ups and downs.

As long as we are chasing something, we are focused and hypnotized into being totally identified with the physical universe and it’s inevitable successes and failures.  Did you notice how I used the word inevitable and not promised?  That is because they are inevitable because for most of us we don’t wake up and start attending to the things that really matter, like our deepest selves, this moment and each other.  When we stay asleep and chase something else it is inevitable that we continue to ride the roller coaster.  That is not the biggest problem as that is part of life to learn how to ride that ride.  However, that is not the whole story.

We are also here to begin to wake up, to really find out who we are, who we all are and what are our true capabilities.  That good stuff is discovered in the moment and in the depths of our lives, not in the future, past or shallow skimming over that we mostly do.  Seriously, try it, stop for 5 minutes, just breathe and ponder, just let yourself sink a little deeper.  You will find more of yourself.  You will find more connection with everything.  You will find more joy and inspiration or at the very least, some relief from the suffering of your mind and the pursuit of something or everything.

This isn’t to be done every now and then this should be done whenever we remember until eventually we permanently remember or re-member.  There is a massive amount of momentum on the planet that is derived from the relentless pursuit of something and the very attractive piece of mind that has us in its grip that says, “if you just keep going you will get there”.  Remember, nothing is promised.  With that in mind, why not stop right now and start giving yourself a little of what you are hoping to get in the future anyway.  Stop right now and give yourself a little peace.  Instead of fighting over what happened last year, last week, yesterday or 20 seconds ago, remember nothing was ever promised anyway.  Let the part of you die off that is pursuing the promised.  It is the only thing that keeps you tied to the egoic and unconscious ups and downs of the planet.  If you are going to have them, have them on your own terms, not because you are asleep to it and victim of it.

Nothing is promised but one thing that is assured, if you be here now, just long enough to let the hypnotic pursuit of a better and illusory moment wind down or drop away, you will begin to feel just how grand life is and how grand the creating of your life can be when you know that nothing is promised but give it your full attention anyway.

I challenge you to either do it right now or as soon as you get a chance today.  If you just take that break for long enough, it can only lead to more stillness and from there you can get back to building your best life.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.

Lots of love,


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