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I recently posted some short videos from an incredible chat I had with my friend, Paleo Chef, truth seeker and speaker, Pete Evans. He has featured quite a bit lately on my website as not only have we spent a lot of time together and tackled quite a few big challenges together, he is also an outstanding example of somebody that doesn’t let popular opinion get in the way of him sharing what he has discovered and what he really wants to say about it. I find that very inspiring and a great example for us all.

In a couple of these videos we were chatting about Pete’s ability to make decisions rapid fire and move forward without getting bogged in the details. It prompted me to write a little about my understanding of this area.

Many years ago, I did some incredible “awakening” work with some incredible people and those sessions and courses turned out to be tenfold the biggest change points of my life. One of the games we used to play with people beginning the work was a game called “make a decision and do it now”. That work no longer is available to the public, although there are plenty of able “graduates” out there spreading the awakening and what they learnt in their own way. I am not going to go into how the game was played but I am going to expand a little on what I learnt from it.

Let’s start with a simple reminder of some relatively harmless spiritual information or viewpoints. Firstly, to really awaken in life, we have to open up to the fact that we have a body, mind and soul. Let’s not get into all of the sub layers and other philosophical aspects of this viewpoint. I merely want to point to the fact that you have a body of flesh and blood (apparently), you have a mind full of thoughts (some conscious, some sub conscious and some unconscious) and you have a soul (the real you, spirit, consciousness, presence, beingness, true essence, higher self etc).

There really is not much of a problem with our body, other than the sicknesses, injuries and disabilities that we are born with or acquire along the way. Not to mention the pollution we carry around in it. Another story.

There is really no problem at all with your soul. The real you is way beyond thought, way beyond belief of any type and way beyond problems and issues. You are the incredible life force that makes it all possible.

The real issue, challenge, is with the mind. You see, for most of us, we think we are our mind, we believe that the upset energy that we are feeling is from the very thing that our mind tells us it is from, ie, that person, that situation, this life, my bank balance, what he or she did to me etc. Your mind literally convinces you that you are small and the world is big. Occasionally, if you are humming along and feeling like a success or a winner, you can be convinced by your mind that you are big and others are small. Either way, you are being controlled by your mind.

You see, most people that have “awoken” in some way will tell you that you will never find the peace and fulfillment that you are looking for from anything your mind has to say to you, winning or losing. Even if you have something wonderful trying to bubble to the surface of your life, the true peace will come from you jumping into this moment with an absence of mind. In other words, if you want to go where you are truly happy, contented, powerful, decisive and productive, you will need to leave your mind behind.

There is a wonderful saying, “the mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master.”

To take it one step further, to awaken is to realize that not just yourself but the majority of the people in the world around you are largely controlled by the mind, by the thoughts of past and future, winning and losing, success and failure, satisfaction or dissatisfaction, fat or skinny, rich or poor, smart or dumb, sexy or ugly, popular or unpopular.

This is a pretty quick blog really, with a long intro leading to a fast finish.

To get out of the suffering of your life, you have to do what it takes to get out of your mind.

When you make a decision and do it now, immediately, you bypass your problematic mind. You also bypass the problematic mind of the whole world. You may even fire up all of the stagnant, stuck minds around you and get a few people challenging you and attempting to stop you. That just means you are nearly there. Make the decision and do it anyway.

I am not talking about throwing out all sanity and justifying being negative or completely irresponsible, deciding to leave someone or your job without knowing it is right for both of you. It is not about deciding to give someone a gob-full just because you have suppressed it for so long. I am talking about making a decision that takes you in a step, any step, towards your bigger picture. Occasionally you even have to do this with the bigger ones.

When you don’t make a decision, you are stagnating, you are buying into the rubbish and conditions of your mind, the should’s and the shouldn’t’s, the rights and the wrongs. The part of you that is not deciding is not you and is allowing the control of your mind to run your life. Make a decision and break that control.

If it is not the most ideal decision, then life will reward you for at least making one and give you an opportunity to adjust. Hop, skip and a jump and a few decisions and you will have left behind the life that kept you stuck for a long time. To be honest, you will have left behind the “piece of mind” and the junky old little troublesome version of yourself and you will have true “peace of mind”.

When you step into the moment and make decisions, you tap into your spirit, your purpose shines through, your intuition gets dusted off and pulled out of the closet and you began to dance to your own tune, one that is in complete harmony with the beat of the whole universal orchestra. You also leave behind the unconsciousness that on one hand is trying to stop us and on the other hand is forcing us to go the whole way.

Make a decision and do it now friends, this moment and these possibilities await you.

We have to wake up for ourselves, we have to wake up for our families and friends and we have to wake up for each other.



Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate t

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