Lose yourself to find yourself

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When we are born we are infused with the purity of life, of spirit, of being-ness.  We are still, gentle and loving by nature.

In most cases that being-ness, that purity begins to get distorted or covered over not too far down the track by the standard “stuff” of the world.  This standard stuff is the inherited distortion that almost all of us, to a greater or lesser degree, eventually get caught in and coated by.  Whether it be from Parents, Culture or Environment, we can come into the world and are fairly destined to wear some of the distorted viewpoints, traits, sicknesses and energies.

When we come into the world, whilst we do have the perfectness of natural intelligence, we haven’t yet gone into the faculty of thought.   As we grow up and enter into thought, we begin making assumptions and drawing conclusions about the world in order to try and work our way out through it.  That is the birth of the ego, the troublesome part of us that is unconcscious. It (the ego) is based in thought and eventually leads to more and more disfunctional ways of trying to ge to where we want to go (somewhere in the imaginery future) and away from the horrible past (the experiences and feelings that we didn’t like).

The ego is also built on all of the other distorted viewpoints that we can gather from around the world.  At that point we are heading further and further away from the truth, that we are simple yet powerful beings, and further towards the illusion, that we are weak, victimy, troublesome and perhaps even evil.  We, you, me, all of us are actually based in the beautiful nature of the child.  Our destiny is to return to that, however when we eventually return to that we have accumulated or unearthed the wisdom of a master.

That is one of the beautys of life here on Planet Earth, all of the beauty is available from birth to death and beyond, however we are usually going to lose ourself before eventually finding ourself again with the wisdom of a journey that has been completed.  We are meant to get into trouble, we are meant to go down as many tracks as we feel we need to until we eventually find our own way and learn to follow our own intuition.  The hints are always around you, right here and now.  The things that you love and are most drawn to are your hints to getting a deeper understanding of who you are and what path you are here to walk.  It is your life and your path and your perogative to walk it which ever way you wish.

That brings me to one of the main points of this chat, you must be willing to break a few rules or bust of a few of societies expectations if you wish to live your best life.  Your courage in being true to your intuition may just draw some unwanted criticism and attention your way.  Some of those distorted energies may just be flying your way.  However, if you are just courageous enough, to think and stand for yourself and the people and ideals that you love, you will come through the storm and people will usually eventually turn around and get where it is you are going.

That is all that happened when you were the pure little baby.  The purity in you was heading one direction, towards love and understanding, and the energy of our planet, communities, cultures, families and support systems was and usually is headed in another, separation and competition.  The very act of being pure can attract that which is not.  It is like having a clingon on the starboard bow (to borrow from star trek).  You will pick up these energies, if you fall into them they will lead to deeper life lessons.  If you are able to be there for them and hold your presence, they will not only cease bothering you, but you will also grow in presence.

That is wisdom, that is doing your part in changing the world, simply holding your presence and staying true to yourself.  If you ever lose it, don’t sweat it, you have another wonderful opportunity, in any moment, to head back towards yourself and break into a more full experience of yourself and life itself.  You will be living your best life.

You only ever need to be willing and heading in that direction and you will find your way.

Remember, bring it into now and never underestimate the power of who you are.



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