Change and it’s pitfalls

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Change should be the most wonderful thing that we all constantly strive for, after all we are always talking about what we would like to be different. Funny thing is though, when you scratch below the surface, you will realize, most of us are fighting change. We simply do not want it. Of course, at a deeper level, we want nothing more, but when we are presented with an opportunity to wake up and change, we will fight to defend the very system, thought processes, bad habits and unconsciousness that is killing us and holding us back.

When someone presents us with a new idea, an idea that will lead to greener pastures, we, often through our pride and need to remain individual and not be told what we can and can’t do, will throw out justifications, decoys, distractions, blames, accusations, beliefs and excuses (all on automatic) to state why the proposed change is rubbish and why we cant’ do it and why “you shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place”. You could say that we will die to defend the things that are killing us, all unconsciously of course.

The funny thing is that when we fight for our limitations and our right to change when we are ready, that exact argument is the same one that everyone else who is asleep, gives. There is no individuality in it at all, we are sheep. We are asleep sheep. We think we are very smart but the only one who is losing is us. Well, actually not the only one, but let’s start there. Our own ignorance is killing us, fighting to defend the rubbish that we are being fed and becoming foot soldiers for selling the same rubbish.

In other words if we are doing something that is not working for us, we unconsciously try and pull others into the same thing. It is one of the most shocking things to realize when you fully become aware of any negativity you’ve been carrying around, to then see how we try and put those same limitations onto others, in fact, when we are in this type of space/state it annoys us no end when someone else begins to change, so we unwittingly attempt to remind them that they too should stay stuck.

This rubbish, that we are blocked by, can be fed through, food, chemicals, medical opinions and diagnoses, media, propaganda, authority stated fact, water, air, classrooms, family expectations, society rules, governmental control or just our own need to avoid any scary unknown situations.

No need to get into conspiracy theories, we are all driving the points home to each other, even our partners, friends and family members can be propagates for “staying exactly where you are, or else”(the threat given or received when unwelcome change beckons)! Or else, what? Or else, may I suggest, you will be cast aside and ridiculed or not rejected and not loved! Well that’s the dramatic negative side to it, the perceived possibility.

The interesting thing is, if you were cast aside and ridiculed you may just learn to trust your instinct 100% and never have to be ruled by anyone else ideas or your own fears again. Go ahead, be cast out, the love of the ones who are ready to walk the same path with you, will rise to the surface and you won’t have to play the fool anymore. When you do take that step and move into that new frontier that you have been avoiding, consciously or unconsciously you will all of a sudden feel released, like you have been let out of an energetic Jail, like stepping out of a cloud or fog (try it, it’s fun).

When you step through any one of these limitations and make a profound or even simple change, life will open up to you instantly. You don’t have to get it perfect, just be more present and less on automatic, in the next moment (spot the almost invisible barriers to change) and life will be yours to feel again. Natural food will look wonderful again. Warm conversation will be a joy worth initiating and possible on a daily basis. Human touch will regain its meaning. Family will reveal itself in more places than you realized and life will become the joy it was meant to be.

You may just discover that the joy you feel is the same joy that you were born to play your part in bringing back to your family, community or the world. In those moments, the rest of your problems will fade into nothing, at the very least.

It is pretty simple at the end of the day and other than making a few personal decisions and never giving up, there is only one real job for each of us to do on this planet and that is, find yourself and get on with being yourself.

Look for inspiration and you will find it, be the inspiration and it will find you!



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