Third Eye Learning is the brainchild of Errol Amerasekera and Trevor Hendy. This collaboration is the culmination of their long-term friendship and working relationship, the combining of their respective skill sets and experiences, and their shared passion to make a difference in the world.


Our philosophy is that the seeds of the solution to life’s complex challenges are found within the very challenge itself. In other words, if we have the courage and support to delve into these challenges, explore them and unfold them, new, innovative and magical solutions appear organically.

However, for this to happen we need to view these challenges with a different system of thinking or from a different perspective. We humbly concur with Albert Einstein when he said: “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

We believe our task is to facilitate and support our clients to develop different ways of thinking, new perspectives if you will, in order to respond meaningfully and effectively to the challenges created by our rapidly changing world.

We don’t want to be seen as the experts, but rather to support you to find your own expertise and harness the wisdom that you already possess. We don’t want to be seen as powerful, but rather help you to find your own power, and then use that power in ways that are aligned to, and support your purpose. And finally, we don’t want to be seen as leaders, but to rather work with you to develop your own leadership style, that represents who you are and what is already intrinsically within you.


The purpose of Third Eye Learning is to support our clients to identify and align to their own purpose. 

Purpose is the deepest reason for your being; it is the ‘why’ of your existence.  Purpose captures hearts and minds, aligns people towards a common outcome and contributes to the greater good.

An Awareness of purpose can provide the greater perspective and clarity needed to solve the complex challenges faced by today’s organizations, teams, communities and families. It is our opinion that many of the challenges that we face in culture and society arise when individuals and groups are not connected to or identified with their true Purpose.


At Third Eye Learning our Mission is to work with our clients to create a culture of high performance.  We also believe that high performance needs to be sustainable. We use holistic and systemic approaches to identify and address the elements which would otherwise undermine sustainable levels of high performance.

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