Love Before Marriage

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My beautiful partner Jo and myself recently got married. We are now officially Mr and Mrs Hendy. After many years and 2 children together we felt a natural completion in life in general and decided to get married. It was as though we had created our lives together first as a spiritual partnership which then lead to marriage, not the normal way around.

For me the feeling arose, whilst Jo was away, that it was time to ask her to marry me. We had been through so many spiritual lessons together and after more passionately pursuing each of own purposes, it was as though the open line of true marriage opened up to us. I realised that marriage is something that happens in a moment. When you are there for the other person unconditionally your heart opens to theirs and vice versa and you feel an alignment of not just your lives but also your spirits. It is an instant marriage. It is a marriage of hearts.

In short we found love and stood for love first and after many ups and downs and mistaken false starts, the marriage occurred. To get our closest family together and share in a legal ceremony to mark this occasion was one of the simplest most beautiful experiences of my life.

To have my 4 children (Kristelle and TJ from my marriage to Jacki & Bailey and Jaali from my marriage to Jo) there and part of the ceremony was certainly non traditional but that is what made it even more beautiful. It was outside of the normal rules and it was all about love.

It was love before Marriage. The honeymoon was beautiful and the love has not stopped flowing.

I wanted to share this here as a thank you and hello to many people who have supported us over many years.

A huge thank you to Harvie Allison from and Lisa Rigby for the photo’s.











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  1. Hi guys,
    My name is Lisa I was jo’s district manager years ago in QLD.
    All those years ago I knew she loved you Trevor, she spoke of you all the time and the two beautiful children you shared.
    I am so happy for you both and am glad your dream came true jo.
    Have a lovely life………

    Lisa x

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