LIFT (Love, Inspiration, Freedom & Truth)

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LIFT (Love, Inspiration, Freedom & Truth) (Leading and Inspiring our Future together) July, 2012, Gold Coast, Australia

By Kristelle Hendy,

My dad had been organising this day for quite some time and I was very eager to see what all the fuss was about and why he was missing so many of our netball games to have ‘planning’ meetings (It better have been important if he was missing playing for our family Netball team).

Although it was a rainy day, by no means photo shoot material, I headed up to L.I.F.T (Love Inspiration Freedom & Truth) with my camera and curiosity (and boyfriend Gav) in tow. This was the event that Dad helped put together to complete the 3 week long and very successful Surfers Paradise Festival (2013 details here).

When we arrived the weather was a little dreary but the energy was totally different, you could feel a gentle buzz in the air. There were activities and stalls everywhere and lots of yummy food.

After wandering and soaking in the atmosphere, we made our way over to the Naked Nuts stand (Organic Peanut Butter, before anyone has any other ideas). Here we found some of the younger Hendy’s doing what they do best, talking about their nuts and making people giggle!

After some cuddles with the family and a whole packet of the dried mango that was meant for customer sampling, oops! We headed over to the main stage to get a bean bag and a prime possie to listen to Dad, Matthew Hayden, Karla Gilbert and Hayden Quinn(yes girls, the dream boat from Master Chef) talk about their thoughts on L.I.F.T. (Check Hayden’s Blog here)



soon as the discussion opened the sun came out and what began as a less than “Golden” Gold Coast day turned into our famous picturesque weather! It was definitely a sign that the guys were on track with their commitment to sharing their own unique flavour on Love, Inspiration, Freedom and Truth.

I was very proud of what my Dad created that day. What an amazing idea to bring the Gold Coast community together to discuss the things that really matter!

My Dad had posed a very interesting question and it sparked a lot of conversation.

This one question has since sparked the ongoing LIFT community forums.

This one question has since sparked the ongoing LIFT community forums.

And to top off an even greater day I managed to capture some beautiful photos.


Here is my beautiful little sister Jaali lapping up the relaxed atmosphere.

I am excited to see what L.I.F.T will bring next year!

In the meantime, “How will you personally take more leadership & ownership in the creating the community you truly want?”
Love, Kristelle

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