Intuitive Healing Workshop 6


Join Trevor & Jo for this Intuitive Healing Workshop LIVE seminar.

Sat 27th August 9.00 – 2.00 pm

Mermaid Beach



Intuitive Healing Session Gold Coast

This is our 6th workshop and wow have they been powerful & beautiful. Each one holds very special energy, all because of the vulnerability and willingness of the participants and how willing they are to change and move into a new reality of creation. Powerful times are always available, if we are brave enough to step up and grab hold of them.

We have all of our answers. That is the magic in life. That is one of the great secrets or forgotten treasures. There is nothing outside of yourself that you need. Having said that, life is set up so that certain parts of the puzzle are hidden in other people. Your intuition takes you toward those people, situations, and events and if you are ‘still’ enough, the mystery, magic, and gifts reveal themselves. In this half-day retreat, we are bringing together a private group of the first 10 people that follow their intuition to this intuitive healing possibility. The session will be 4 hrs with a small refreshment break in the middle. Bring your best self and an open-heart

Limited numbers for personal attention


Sat 27th August;


Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast


Saturday 9.00 to 2.00 pm

Morning tea provided