The Number 1 Ingredient – Willingness

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Make no mistake; the number one ingredient or your number one part, in lasting personal change, is Willingness.  You could say awareness, love, responsibility, intention and action are also very big parts of lasting change, however if they are not already there, willingness will lead you back to them. Willingness to be responsible for your own gains (as my great … Read More

The Termite’s Nest

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I was recently chatting to a friend who was doing the Bootcamp for the Soul and he was talking to me about how he was able to understand and release some of the layers of grievances that he had with many people in his life but as he dug deeper and got down to the buried issues with his parents. … Read More

Nothing is Promised

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I first heard my greatest teacher say this when I was sitting down to receive one of his seminars for the first time.  He wrote up “what is promised?” on the board before this motley crew of people from all walks of life had even had a chance to stop shuffling in their seats. At the time I didn’t know … Read More

Love Before Marriage

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My beautiful partner Jo and myself recently got married. We are now officially Mr and Mrs Hendy. After many years and 2 children together we felt a natural completion in life in general and decided to get married. It was as though we had created our lives together first as a spiritual partnership which then lead to marriage, not the … Read More

Lose yourself to find yourself

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When we are born we are infused with the purity of life, of spirit, of being-ness.  We are still, gentle and loving by nature. In most cases that being-ness, that purity begins to get distorted or covered over not too far down the track by the standard “stuff” of the world.  This standard stuff is the inherited distortion that almost … Read More

Mana blend – 11 Super foods in one

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I love sharing products that I love.  This is certainly one of those.  Manablend is a superfood supplement that has eleven of the best superfoods on the planet.  From the moment I started taking it, I felt a level of support that my body simply wasn’t getting from my regular diet.  That is even though my diet consists of a … Read More