The Aquatic Bootcamp for the Soul

Open Hearted workshops presents the Aquatic Bootcamp for the Soul.  Heart crafted by your hosts, world class soul coaches, Trevor and Jo Hendy, this is the ultimate experience in the ultimate destination for anyone who loves the ocean and wants to go a little deeper and discover their true essence and calling.  Namotu Island is a world class aquatic adventure destination with a hideway and sanctuary feel.  This will be your island away from the world to experience everything at a deeper, more serene level. Renowned for it's waiting list, Namotu Island will now welcome a select few for this world first event.  World class water activities, nurturing and cleansing food, Open Hearted discussions, beautiful people and a Fijian Island culture that seeps into your bones. Trevor and Jo Hendy are leaders in their field and will take you on this journey of a lifetime with a backdrop of stunning reasons to just let go and ride the wave.

Bookings now open for 2020

29 February - 7 March  2020


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Located just off the coast of Viti Levu, Namotu Island Resort is one of the most southern islands in the Mamanuca Island Group. Namotu gets surf and ideal ocean playground conditions year-round and is situated a stone’s throw from Fiji’s best surf breaks and in the heart of a wide variety of reefs that create incredible waves.

Check Namotu Lefts, Swimming Pools and Wilkes Pass from the beach or travel just 10 minutes to surf Cloudbreak and 5 minutes to Restaurants. There are lefts and rights, fast and hollow or waves for beginners. Surf, SUP, kite, foil or sail, we have it all on our doorstep. Unlike other resorts, Namotu prides itself on unlimited use of surf boats so you can spend as much or as little time in the water as you like. You can even join the Island's resident fisherman as he catches fish for the restaurant, all included in your stay.

If you love the ocean, this is your paradise. The Fiji Islands enjoys a tropical climate, with average temperatures in the winter months (June-August) of about 84 ' F or 29'C and in the summer months of about 88'F or 31'C. Namotu is easily accessible from the mainland; it takes just over an hour by bus and boat from the international airport making it a relatively simple trip for many.

For Trevor and Jo, Namotu Island provides the perfect atmosphere to bring pearls of Wisdom from the Open-Hearted Workshops and inject them into a tropical paradise, creating the perfect environment for cleansing, healing, re-aligning to life's deeper purpose!


This time of year tends to provide glassy mornings, sometimes staying that way all day, when we do get the breezy afternoons whether it be kiting or a trip the leeward side of another island, we always look for the perfect way to maximise the conditions when they are ideal and do our Open-Hearted work in between. A typical week sees varying conditions, definitely including some perfect days for surfing, SUP'ing, snorkelling or simply enjoying private island paradise! The bottom line is: enjoy all that Namotu and our incredible staff provide and step out of your comfort zone, meet new people and have not only the best aquatic retreat of your life but the best week of your life!

We recommend guests bring personal surf equipment that they wish to put to the Fijian test.  If you're a keen stand up paddleboarder or surfer, please bring your own equipment as the island offers a limited range.


Our legendary surf and island photographer will be on hand across all weeks to snap your best moments and give your friends something else to envy. He’ll capture your moves and make you look like a pro. He will be roaming the island taking plenty of lifestyle shots as well, so don’t worry, you’ll have the opportunity to take plenty of quality shots home.


You really have to experience it to understand it. But the next best thing is to see a little of what you will be experiencing and hear from a few that have had a taste of it.


Open Hearted with an aquatic difference.  Whilst we normally take people into 2 day intensive Open Hearted seminar discussions and processes, we have chosen Namotu Island for it's ability to reach deep into your soul and bring about life change without doing anything other than letting the island in.  Having said this, we know that there is nothing like a good shared discussion and some really helpful mind opening viewpoints to see life in a different way and leave anything undesirable behind before heading home and seeing the world through different eyes.  Trevor and Jo are renowned for this effect, the "what was i thinking before" effect. Add to this the beautiful Fijian people and their naturally open hearts and you cannot leave without being positively swept up in a healing experience.  We will be having 1 Open Hearted session per day, mixed perfectly in with the weather conditions that present to us.  We don't want to be sitting having a discussion when the tide is perfect and the wind is offshore at Swimming Pools.  We will be going with the flow and taking that concept home with us.


You will have the opportunity to have personal chats and consults with Trevor and Jo and these form a wonderful part of bouncing thoughts, ideas, feelings and spiritual impulses off 2 renowned soul coaches.  Their list of clients is long and have all been positively effected by these 2 open hearted truth speakers.



Each day we want to introduce you to beautiful and exciting new practise that you can take home with you so that you don't have to lose that island buzz.  We want to help you get in the moment and learn how to stay in the moment in everything you do.  Yoga and Qi Gong are ancient practices that are so helpful and restorative to the body, mind and soul.  This is not a yoga camp and you will not be embarrassed by the person next to you seemingly tied in knots whilst you feel on the receiving end of the famed yoga ego.  This is an environment to safely explore your own energy and breathe and release anything that is not serving you.  There is no better place to do yoga and qi gong than on the shores of Namotu Island.


Namotu is becoming world renowned for its simple but beautiful food.  Our talented head chefs bring a passion for paleo inspired dishes and local, seasonal produce but will meet your personal preferences always keeping in mind that we want to cleanse a little over the week. The food is truly exceptional and we're so excited be able to share some of our favourite healthy food with our guests. All meals including hot & cold breakfast, lunch, sunset snacks (highlight!), dinner and dessert are included.


Among our coaching team we have , Ironman athletes, Stand up paddle, foil and kite experts, professional surfers, and most importantly, our lifeguards and coaches have been carefully selected because they can actually teach. It's not always the case that a great athlete will be a great coach but all ouf of our team have both experience in doing and teaching. We've recruited some of the world's best who not only support you during lessons but are friendly, generous and take the time to get to know you in and out of the water.


Whether you're a total beginner, intermediate or and advanced surfer looking to go further we have the location and the instruction for you. Although Namotu is a peaceful paradise for anyone, it is the home of some of the most magical and perfect surf breaks of the world.  From Cloudbreak reef famous for it's big waves and world tour events (a wonderful thing to watch during the normal weekly big swell) down to Swimming Pools and Namotu Lefts, 2 of the most forgiving and easy waves to learn on.  With boat support constantly taking you in and out and leaving you more energy and time to try something new or get 'one more wave', you will be left feeling as though the ocean has gently washed away any stress or strain that you brought with you.


Our guides are also on hand to take care of the not so experienced swimmers and surfers and keep them busy with island hops, beginner surf & snorkelling in between our beautiful open hearted practises.


Along with any bar bill, that is one of the few additional charges but will reliably keep you in touch if you do not to check in with home.  If you are looking forward to the tech free time, you will be happy to know that Namotu has only the tiniest bit of mobile coverage, meaning we are out on the edge of the effect of any of those pesky EMFs.


We have access to a host of Island Equipment and will attempt to have all of your desired activities covered, we still recommend everybody bring their own surfboards and kite gear.


Testimonials from Gold Coast Open-Hearted Jan 2019

It felt so nice to create more clarity, understanding & Love. I was able to shift some viewpoints that have kept me stuck and create some change for myself as well as feel much more connected and Openhearted.
- D
This is an experience that transcends you into a new level of awareness that you can utilize in the real world.
- M
I developed a greater awareness of some of the thought patterns that were affecting me in a negative way.
- N
I gained awareness around issues I developed at a young age, these were brought to the surface and I was made aware, seeking space and the ability to feel it and let it go.
- C
I have become aware of some very important things in my life. These have been enlightened & shifted to a better place.
- D


  • Villa Accomodation on Namotu Island
    Villa Accomodation – Namotu Island
  • The Pool Suite
    The Pool Suite – Namotu Island
  • The Pool Suite
    The Villa Suite – Namotu Island

Your Investment

**All prices quoted in US Dollars. When booking, you are booking for the entire week on the dates listed. The Island works in one week blocks from Saturday to Saturday. Check in is from 11:30am Saturdays with checkout at 10am the following Saturday.

ADULT PRICING (14 years +)
per person - twin share
Pool Suite$6695 USD2
Villa Suite$6995 USD2
Cloudbreak Suite$6995 USD2
Child's AgeCost
per child
Under 2Free
2-11 years$814 USD
12-14 yearsTBA

Payment Schedule


A 20% Deposit (non-refundable) is required to secure your spot. Deposits are due by October 31, 2019

Remaining Balance

The remaining balance are due to be settled by November 30, 2019


  • 7 nights accommodation on Namotu Island Resort including meals, transfer via bus and boat, daily yoga, unlimited use of surf boats with unlimited access to Namotu Lefts, Restaurants, Swimming Pools & Wilkes, fishing with resident fisherman aboard The Duck, first boat to Cloudbreak daily+, surf guide in the water with you at all times to ensure you are safe, use of soft top surfboards, snorkelling gear & SUPs
  • Open Hearted Workshop full retreat designed to give you world class soul coaching with live interaction and real time life explor
  • Welcome pack with our favourite island essentials
  • Photography & video provided on USB by renowned surf photographer
  • Daily & private yoga and Qi Gong, guided snorkelling and Island hops
  • Healthy modern Paleo meals prepared by world-class head chefs
  • Wifi Internet throughout the resort for the week (from 2020)
  • Private sessions with Trevor and Jo Hendy
  • Use of equipment including SUPs, surf boards and foils when available. (Priority Gear Pass holders will take precedence - See Below).


  • Bar Bill and Island shopping.
  • Heli transfer for 1-3 people. $1000 USD (approx.)
  • Priority Gear Pass - Don't bring a thing. Let us supply everything from surfboards, brand new kites, bars, boards, foils (SUP, paddle & kite), harnesses. $1000USD for the week. (Please note that extra bags cost on average $250 per bag each way so this represents real value if you're planning on doing a range of sports during your stay).

Reserve your spot today!

Due to the size of the Island, this retreat is a very limited opportunity.

Because of this, we are able to manage the bookings with you directly (rather than taking payments online).

All you need to do is shoot us an email letting us know that you're interested in coming, we'll be in touch!

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**Travel insurance: you must purchase pre-trip travel insurance upon booking to cover you in the case of cancellations. You will need a plan that also covers medical emergencies and transport, trip cancellation, travel changes, loss of property and luggage at a minimum. Note - in the event travel is cancelled due to bad weather or other unforeseen circumstances, we cannot offer a refund.

If your fees have been paid in full, for cancellations 60 days (or more) prior to departure we will offer a refund of 80% (everything except the non-refundable deposit) or the option to roll over to following year providing we can fill your space.

For cancellations less than 60 days prior to departure we cannot offer refunds or rollovers. However, we will provide all the documentation needed to process an insurance claim. Cancellations should be made in writing by e-mail.


The best way to arrive is by plane to Nadi International Airport (NAN). You’ll be picked up by one of Namotu’s private shuttles and from there by boat to a tropical paradise – your home for the week. Helicopter and boat charters are available at an additional cost.

Spend the Saturday afternoon settling into your bure, surfing and exploring the Island before the welcome drinks with your hosts at 6pm. While the weather is normally reliable, it does influence the day’s activities. We aim to maximise the ocean activities when it’s ideal and surf, SUP, snorkel, kayak, sail and swim will all be planned for the ideal conditions. There’s always something to do but the timetable is flexible to allow maximum enjoyment of the conditions and to give us time to connect as a group and explore the Open Hearted element of your retreat.

Checkout is 10am on Saturday. Hop on the final boat ride home where you'll be bused back to Nadi Airport or a destination of your choosing.


Do I need travel insurance? Yes, it is compulsory. You will need a plan that covers medical emergencies and transport, trip cancellation, travel changes, loss of property and luggage. We recommend a comprehensive cover to ensure you're protected.

Best time for Swell? March, April, May & June, but swell year-round.

Internet? Yes, wireless internet is available.

Water temperature? Around 26 degrees.

Do you need a wetsuit? No, but a long sleeve wetsuit vest or spring suit can be handy sometimes for wind chill.

Do I need surfing or ocean experience? No experience necessary – but we do need to know in advance what level of lessons you require as these details are important for resource and to maintain the instructor/support boat ratio. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Can I hire specific high-end equipment? Yes, we have introduced a weekly hire. You can rent boards, foils, harnesses, kites & bars and there is a good range of boards and equipment available for normal complimentary use.

What are the waves like? Depending on swell size there is any type of that you want, long and hollow, or short and fun.

Can you ask for vegetarian meals when booking? Yes, we can cater to a range of dietary specifics, just let us know prior to travel.

Do I need booties? It's a good idea if you’re learning to kite or want to surf when it's shallow on the reef.

Will there be booties for sale or bring your own? Bring your own. We ask that you bring all your own personal items such as booties, sunscreen, wax, leg-ropes, surfboards, kites & accessories.

Is there a shop for basic items? There is a small store on the island but realistically imagine you are in the middle of nowhere, plan for your personal needs, sunscreens, any medications, rash vest etc before you get here. We’ll send you a list of things to pack as a guide.

What do I need to bring for SCUBA diving? Please make sure you have your PADI certificate and bring your own gear if you like. There will be equipment available, however if you are particular, we recommend bringing a wetsuit, fins & snorkel.

What power plugs are used? Will I need an adapter? 240volt with Australian/New Zealand standard outlets.

Is tipping expected or allowed? You can leave a cash tip for Fijian staff in the box at checkout. It will be split evenly between the staff. If you'd like to tip your surf guides and coaches, please leave your tip with Jo who will distribute evenly among them.


Additional Requirements are on a 'request only' basis and are not guaranteed.

No refund for early departures

Check-in is at 11:30am on Saturday and check-out is by 10:00 am on the following Saturday. Early check-in and late departure is not available.

Only the number of guests paid for and showing on the receipt may stay on the Island

All bed and bathroom linen is provided.

We do not accept any liability in contract or in tort for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expenses or inconvenience caused directly or indirectly by force majeure or other events which are beyond our control, including but not limited to war, cyclone, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, acts of God, acts of Government or any authorities, accidents to or failure of machinery or equipment. Failure by the client to obtain a passport, visa, proper vaccinations or travel insurance.

Costs are quoted in US Dollars and therefore may cause fluctuations in prices when converted to other currencies.

If the accommodation provider (Namotu Island) increases its cost we will be forced to update/increase package pricing accordingly. In this unlikely occurrence, we will be forced to pass on any increase in accommodation rates to the guest.


Flight details should be provided at the time of booking or prior to travel to ensure transfers are arranged.  It is important to have your return flight booked prior to departing to Fiji, otherwise you will not be allowed to travel.

Please notify us in advance of any dietary requirements so we can accommodate you

SCUBA diving is an additional cost and proof of endorsement must be provided (please bring PADI cert)

Bookings for additional services such as SCUBA and massage can be arranged on the island and are subject to availability

Bar tab must be paid in full prior to departure


Rooms must not be used for any unlawful purpose

The Guest will be liable for payment of any charges incurred by any Guest together with all replacements and necessary costs for any damage or loss to the apartment and its contents or Island caused by any Guest

The Guest authorises the manager to charge any credit card for any loss, damage or monetary contribution for which any Guest is liable under this document or otherwise

Neither the Island, staff or crew is liable for any damage or loss of property, which a Guest may sustain while on the complex


We have an amazing team of hosts who are there to teach, support and generally make your stay incredible. HOWEVER, if in the case of emergency, illness or similar, it is a possibility that one or more of the advertised hosts may be unable to attend. In this unlikely event, we cannot offer a refund but we will guarantee to replace that staff member with someone equally capable to ensure your week is not affected.