Lord Howe Island Ocean swim week with Trevor Hendy – Pinetrees lodge

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Well I simply can’t wait for this.  Whilst I love living in the present, I have to admit I am counting down the sleeps until I visit this incredible part of the world.  I have dreamt of going to Lord Howe Island since I was a little kid and first saw a photo.  It just always looked like one of those places that I had never been but felt like home.

I am so excited to have been invited by Pinetrees lodge to put on this week.  They have been responsible for incredible weeks in many people’s lives, including Wilderness, Wellness, Food and Wine, Photography, Adventure and Walking weeks.

The have been on the island for generations and are responsible some of the most heartfelt testimonials I have ever read for an island and a resort.

This Island is simply a wonder of the Natural World.  It has been described by Sir David Attenborough as “so extraordinary it is almost unbelievable”.  What better wrap can you get from one of the world’s great pioneers and communicators.

To top it off, being invited to run an ocean swim week means that I get to take 20 beautiful souls on an above and below water tour off this piece of paradise.  I will also be slowing everyone right down to really fathom the depths of what we are experiencing together out there.

This is a life changer for me and my family and I am so looking forward to it being a life change for 20 others.

Check out the link to the Pinetrees lodge page and take in some beautiful images of this earthly wonder.  Don’t forget to check out the menu too, food is looking good.

Swimming ability only needs to be moderate with plenty of support crew at hand.  It would be ideal if you can swim 1km in less than 30 minutes as this will increase your level of enjoyment and capability of completing each swim. We will swim for 1 hour each morning in some incredible underwater vistas. Major requirement is a slight sense of adventure and an open heart.

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4 Comments on “Lord Howe Island Ocean swim week with Trevor Hendy – Pinetrees lodge”

  1. Hi Trevor,

    I recently spent a fabulous week at Pinetrees while you were conducting a swim week.
    What fun your swimmers said they had.

    While I appreciate your booked out for Feb/March 2020 I was hoping, together with my husband, plus 3 other friends of ours to sign up for a week in February 2021.

    Is this possible?

    Look forward to swimming with you.

    Kind regards

    Barb O’Brien
    m 0414375143

    1. Hi Jo,

      I’m wondering if you still run swimming weeks with Trev? Keen to book a surprise after boot camp for the soul a few years ago and a passion for ocean swimming…

      Cheers, EJ

      1. Hi Barb

        We would love to be running swim weeks, but since Covid it has been placed on hold by Pinetrees on Lord Howe Island. Hopefully, we will be back up and running next year. We hope all is going great in your world.

        Sending much Love

        Jo & Trev

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