The unbreakable you

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I love helping people. I love putting truth out into the world. I love making a difference. That doesn’t make me any different to anyone else, even if it seems that way, as we are all born with that pure feeling of wanting to explore and make a difference. When we are little children, we love to be included in … Read More

Great Nutrition

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I see a lot of people and businesses that promote products and services because it suits them. I used to do the same thing, whilst almost everything I promoted was actually stuff that I loved and used regularly there is still a temptation to promote something via “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. These days I only mention … Read More

The destructive “need to be right”

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This is a pretty “full on” subject.  It points to a hidden “why” of why we do some things.  In this blog I am going to raise the issue of needing to be right or win or have the last say or finish on top.  Whatever way you want to put it, it all points to one energy, one negative … Read More

The Hidden Block in our Goals

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Settle back, grab a cup of tea and relax as I have another cool, slightly long blog for you today. I have had a remarkable couple of days. Whilst I am always working with people one on one, I have recently done a lot more corporate and group work. It is wonderful and rewarding but the icing on the cake … Read More

“Self Talk” – The Real Story

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Well, this is one of the most revealing subjects you can come across in life.  Because of this I haven’t trimmed it back to a 3 minute read.  After quite a few weeks without a blog I wanted to share a big chunk of understanding for something that can be so powerful in the negative, or positive, and something that … Read More