Trevor Hendy works in the field of Personal Truth and Wellness. He is a Life Coach, Mentor, Author and Wholistic personal trainer who specialises in helping people discover their own answers for why they haven’t yet created the life they truly want.

Trevor is a former Professional Athlete, reaching the pinnacle of his sport, winning several World Ironman Championships in the sport of Surf Life Saving. With many World series and Australian championships under his belt, it was his ability to constantly find his way through the most challenging of Ocean situations in the most pressure cooker of moments that first showed him as a man who knew how to slow things down and complete any task thrown at him.

He was born in Melbourne, Australia and was raised on the golden beaches of Queensland’s international holiday mecca, the Gold Coast. It was here he honed his undeniable ability to find his way through the crashing waves and swirling rips of some of the most treacherous beaches known. It was destiny that he would ultimately travel the world on the professional Ironman circuit and whilst training and committing to many hours of workouts, would earn a living from negotiating his way through the uncontrollable and unpredictable conditions that the Oceans of the world would dish up for the unsuspecting competitors.

It was later on, when Trevor starting coaching and speaking to large groups, that he revealed that no matter what was dished up in front of him, his personal mantra was always, “These are my perfect conditions”. Many who have attended his talks and workshops have walked away relieved, having realized for themselves that when it comes to any type of personal change or challenge, “the conditions are always perfect”. It doesn’t matter what is thrown at you, it matters most how you deal with it.

He is a member of the Australian Sporting Hall of Fame and in the year 2000 was awarded an AM, member of the Order of Australia for his services to the community and the sport of Surf Life Saving.

Trevor is now highly sought after as a corporate, sporting and life coach, mentor, author and speaker. He is currently working on Television, Internet and Radio content to share what he and others are learning along the way and to give back to the community that has given so much to him.

In September 2012 he launched his website to share his own story, adventures and wisdom and to play his part in uniting everyone else who has a passion to do the same.

Trevor has 4 children and now lives on the Gold Coast with partner Jo. He spends his days playing, learning, sharing and living every moment as though it is setting the tone for all future events.

The Hendy Family

The whole Hendy family are involved in the Adventure of Life. There are the older Hendys, close family friends and not to mention our unique and adventurous children.

First up, my beloved partner Jo, who has stuck with me through thick and thin. I fell in love with Jo the first day I met her, but it was not til years later that I really saw how amazing she was and realised how much she was pushing me to be myself. It was very humbling to realise just how on track she was and hand the reigns over to her. She has some amazing stories to tell.

Two interesting things about Jo you may not know:

  1. Jo is the creator of Jaabay candles.
  2. She always finds a way to stumble on exactly what she is looking for, making her a wonderful partner to go bargain shopping with.

Trevor and Jo

Now for the Children, From Kristelle (24), TJ (17), Bailey (14) and Jaali (9) the children all have their own unique way of looking at life and, as are we all, are amazing creators in their own right.

Trevor and family